Market Segmentation

Segmentation Helps You Find the Forest AND the Trees

Rabin Research segmentation studies can help you identify, profile and target your best market segments without losing sight of the big picture.

We have conducted a number of segmentation studies — for a wide range of products/services:
  • discount stores
  • disposable tableware
  • eyeglasses/contact lenses
  • faucets
  • financial services
  • retailing
  • scrap-booking
  • shaving products
  • shoe stores
  • ski resort
  • specialty stores


Your company can benefit from a segmentation study if you need:

  • An in-depth look at customers in your category
  • Guidance finding your best segments as you develop your marketing plans
  • A blueprint for your brand’s strategic decisions/marketing actions

Rabin Research Company’s segmentation studies help you:

  • Uncover a segmentation structure that explains the attitudes/behaviors you should focus on
  • Characterizes segments as human beings
  • Provide insights into customers and best prospects
  • Capitalize on brand opportunities and remedy brand deficiencies