Advertising Pre-Testing

Advertising Pre-Testing Research

Rabin Research Advertising Pre-Testing allows you to take your advertising for a test-drive before you run it.

  • anti-perspirants/deodorants
  • appliances
  • beer
  • computer disks
  • golf equipment
  • hair color
  • headsets
  • house wares
  • insurance
  • shoe stores
  • soft drinks
  • television programs
  • toys
  • trucks
  • waste management services


Rabin Research ad testing can be done with any type of advertising medium — print, radio, television, internet. It can evaluate the advertising in terms of:

  • Recall
  • Message comprehension/importance
  • Relevance
  • Uniqueness
  • Brand perceptions
  • Purchase interest
Use of Results

Rabin Research Company’s Advertising Pre-Testing studies will help you:

  • Choose from among alternatives
  • Understand if your advertising is meeting its objectives
  • Learn how to modify it to make it more effective