Advertising Tracking

Tracking Studies Help Keep Your Marketing Programs on Track

Rabin Research tracking studies are carefully designed to measure the real-world impact of your marketing efforts.


We have conducted about 1,000 tracking studies — for a wide range of products/services:

  • athletic shoes
  • cat box filler
  • computer chips
  • education
  • faucets
  • financial services
  • gaming/gambling
  • health insurance
  • juice
  • lawn and garden
  • music television
  • office furniture
  • personal grooming
  • retail stores
  • shoes

Wave vs. Continuous?

Depending on the objectives of your marketing program, there are two basic ways to approach tracking research.

Wave (Tied-to-Flight)
  • Snapshot of what’s happening in the marketplace at specific points in time
  • Measures change pre to post, or at several points during campaign
  • On-going view of what is happening in the marketplace
  • Measures incremental change during entire period
Use of Results

A carefully designed tracking study can help you…

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your current marketing activities, compared to those of your competitors
  • Develop understanding and insights into customer purchase and usage behavior
  • Provide input in developing and/or modifying your long-term strategies

Combined with other sales and market share data, tracking research can give you a comprehensive picture of the impact of your marketing efforts and provide actionable data that lead to decisions.