New Products and Services

New Product Research Increases Your Odds of Success

Why take any more risks than necessary? Rabin Research can help you minimize your risks, giving your idea a better chance of success.

New Product Research Program

Our efficient, comprehensive New Product marketing research program can make the difference between success and failure for your next new product or service idea.

Rabin Services
Focus Groups/In-Depth Interviews
To explore the wide range of consumer perceptions, attitudes, and feelings toward the product category; to generate and enhance new product ideas.
Problem Detection Research
To expose opportunities for improvements, extensions, and new products/services based on unmet needs.
Concept Screening/Testing
To develop, screen, and refine new product concepts.
Product Use Tests
Sensory Tests
To determine reactions toward new products in “real” use situations, identify product or positioning problems, and pinpoint trial/repeat purchase interest.
Name Tests
Package Tests
Pricing Studies
Color Tests
Design Tests
To evaluate potential names, packages, prices, colors, and designs – to determine which are most consistent with product positioning.