Concept Testing

Concept Testing Helps You Pick Winners

Rabin Research concept tests can help you pick the concepts that can be turned into profitable new products or services.


We have conducted hundreds of concept tests – for a wide range of products/services:

  • artificial sweeteners
  • car repair services
  • cat food
  • credit cards
  • faucets
  • financial products
  • grooming products
  • meat products
  • pharmaceuticals
  • photographic products
  • toothbrushes


A screening approach should be used:

  • In early stages, to select a few of the more promising concepts from the many available — up to 40
  • A limited number of concepts are selected for further development — or additional in-depth testing
In-Depth Testing

In-depth testing should be used when you have narrowed the field to a few highly promising candidates and wish to focus your efforts on them, before actual products have been developed.

Analysis and Use of Results

Key measures are combined into composite “scores” to help choose a winner. Diagnostics are also provided for guidance in modifying concepts to make them even more appealing.


Rabin Research Company’s concept tests are done quickly to capitalize on innovations, exclusivity, and/or news value – prior to competitive pressure, changes in the marketing environment, or shifts in consumer needs and desires.