Design Research

Design Research…


Let Rabin Research help you evaluate your product and package designs to be sure they meet your objectives.


We have conducted hundreds of design tests – for a wide range of products/services:

  • faucets
  • food products
  • headsets
  • pens
  • personal care products
  • service stations
  • shoes


Depending on your specific objectives, our well-executed design studies will give you useful information on:

  • Visibility/Shelf Impact: effectiveness in attention-getting or stopping power
  • Readability: ability to communicate brand name, product or key copy points
  • Imagery: projected product features, benefits, qualities
  • Aesthetics: attractiveness, likeability
  • Functionality: perceptions of usability
  • Uniqueness: degree of difference from competition
  • Interest: intention to buy
  • Appropriateness: fit with products in line, company image
Use of Results
  • In today’s cluttered marketplace, outstanding product and package design can give you the edge you need by making your brand stand out
  • Rabin Research product and design tests will help you hear your customers and respond to their needs
  • Our studies will provide you with the marketing insights to use as a springboard to successfully build your brand