Name Testing

What’s in a Name? Everything.

Rabin Research name tests can help you choose the best brand name for your products/services — and minimize the risks of moving forward with a bad name.


We have conducted hundreds of name tests for a variety of products/services:

  • appliances
  • banking
  • beer
  • dog food
  • meat products
  • motor clubs
  • panty hose
  • pizza
  • razors


Whatever your needs, our name testing can help…

  • You select the one best name from a few alternatives (in-depth testing)
  • Screen from a longer list of potential names
Use of Results
  • Our customized name testing approach will help you choose the best brand name for your product/service
  • A name that…
    • is easy to read, pronounce, recognize, spell
    • is unique, distinctive
    • conveys intrinsic qualities of your product
    • is memorable, provokes curiosity, interest
    • can grow with your product