Package Testing

Package Testing Helps You Make Sure You Have The Right Packaging

Rabin Research package tests can help you find out if your new package will do the job for you.


We have conducted hundreds of packaging studies — for a wide range of products/services:

  • artificial sweeteners
  • body sprays
  • cameras
  • diet products
  • faucets
  • gasoline
  • hardware
  • headsets
  • household appliances
  • meat products
  • pens
  • razors
  • shampoos/conditioners
  • spray paints
  • toys


Our carefully designed packaging studies can answer the following types of marketing questions:

  • What is its impact on the shelf?
  • How well does it communicate?
  • What does it convey about your product or brand?
  • How attractive are the graphics, shape, etc.?
  • How are the functional characteristics perceived, such as ease of opening, using, storing, etc.?
  • Will the package motivate a purchase?
Use of Results

The results will assist you in…

  • Modifying your package’s appearance
  • Choosing among alternative packages
  • Making a “go/no-go” decision