Problem Detection Research

Problem Detection: Locating Opportunities

Rabin Research helps you identify product or service problems so you can develop strategic solutions.


The goal is to find those problems consumers feel require an immediate need for resolution — those problems that are so bothersome and occur with such frequency that they are serious enough to be opportunities for you.

Use this technique to examine:
Problems may exist in these areas:
  • Problems with your specific product
  • Problems common to all products in your category
  • Problems inherent in a category you may wish to enter
  • Physical characteristics of your product
  • Benefits derived from using your product
  • Image projected about the person who uses your product

Use of Results
  • Identify new product opportunities
  • Understand where your customers’ problems differ from your non- customers’
  • Improve products to sharpen market segmentation
  • Make improvements in product’s physical characteristics