Product Use Testing

Product Use Tests for Timely Insights

Rabin Research can help you fine-tune your product to maximize sales and profitability throughout your product’s life cycle.


We have conducted hundreds of product use tests – for a wide range of products, including:

  • artificial sweeteners
  • beverages
  • candy
  • food products
  • panty hose
  • personal care products
  • razors/shavers
  • toys
  • writing instruments


Product Use Tests can provide valuable customer insights when you need to answer these types of questions:

  • Should you change your product?
  • How does it compare to competitors’ products?
  • How would customers react if you were to change it?
  • What features/benefits drive appeal for your product?
  • Do customers recognize differences in your product line?
  • Can you substantiate claims you are making?

Rabin Research utilizes a wide range of product testing approaches to design the use test that best addresses your objectives