Satisfaction Research

Satisfaction Research Ensures Greater Retention Over Time

Rabin Research offers a comprehensive approach to satisfaction research designed to identify areas for improvement and monitor satisfaction for greater retention over time.


We have conducted hundreds of satisfaction studies — for a wide range of product/service categories:

  • airline
  • apparel
  • automotive services
  • computers
  • financial
  • hospitality
  • insurance
  • membership organizations
  • pharmaceuticals
  • retailers
  • communications

Rabin Services
Customer Satisfaction/Service Quality
To determine how satisfied customers (current, lapsed and/or competitive) are with your service, in order to improve the services you provide, retain current customers and attract new customers.
Transaction Follow-Ups
To evaluate what happened when customers interacted with your company and to measure the interaction’s impact on their attitudes toward your products/services.
Employee Surveys
To explore the role employees feel they play in customer-company interactions in order to improve these relations.
Special Programs/Promotions
To determine the impact of specific programs/promotions.
Mystery Shopper Studies
To measure what actually happens when a “customer” comes into contact with your company.