Why is working with Rabin Research Company going to provide you with a greater return on your investment than working with other research providers? Because Rabin Research Company has over 50 years of experience, the cumulative knowledge, the critical expertise, and the personal commitment to ensure that each study we do for you will exceed your expectations and will be done just as you expect it to be: carefully and precisely.

Our Skilled Guidance Can Make all the Difference

Whether you’re trying to answer a general question, such as understanding awareness and attitudes toward your brand and competitors, or trying to select from among alternative marketing options, our skilled researchers will ensure that your decision to work with Rabin Research Company is the right one.

We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their objectives so we can determine the best approach for each study.  Our staff of seasoned market researchers will help clarify your objectives and develop a unique research solution to deliver the information required to address your key questions, and to guide successful marketing programs.

Our approach is totally custom, there are no cookie-cutter solutions.  Based on the objectives of the study, we will:

  • Choose an overall research methodology, either qualitative, quantitative, or both
  • Select a data collection method
  • Identify the best/most appropriate sample source(s)
  • Design the survey or research instrument
  • Conduct the data collection
  • Analyze the results, including a wide range of multivariate analytical approaches, if required
  • And develop a highly informative (and insightful) report to communicate the results, including detailed findings, insights, and strategic implications for your business.   

Rabin Research Company’s customized primary marketing research solutions will help you minimize risk and maximize your opportunities ensuring that your return on investment is optimized.